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Character Posting Standards

Post by Dage on Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:10 pm

So, I've noticed the character compendium and I think we need a good way to sort characters so artists, writers, and RPers can find who they're looking for. Could we set up some official rules for topic creation? Here are a few I have in mind:

Title Tags
These will make it easy for people searching for a character to quickly identify someone. Basic information should be posted in the form of tags within parentheses and separated be slashes, while the character's name and additional information can be posted however the creator is most comfortable.

  • A Macro/Micro tag for characters who are at a set size. Characters who can be either one don't need the tag.

  • A gender tag for the gender of the character. If people feel necessary to put herm, futa, or trap as tags n the same category that works too.

  • A usability tag. This will let artists and authors know if there are any restrictions on using the character, such as not in vore or sexual matters. The tag should simply be an "R" if there are any restrictions, and the creator will have to specify those restrictions within the post.

Some example tags:
(Macro/Female/R) Amy Rose: A macro female with certain restrictions.
(Herm) -Herma Fordite-: A simple herm with no set size or any restrictions.
(Micro/Male) Zonik the Hedgehog (MY OC PLZ DUN STEAL): A micro male character with no restrictions. Notice how the creator includes additional information both in the title and in parentheses afterwards.

Restrictions and Preferences
Going back to the idea of restrictions, if there are situations people are uncomfortable with having their characters in, they need to let others know. A restrictions section details exactly what is not allowed with the established character, while a preferences section lets others know what the creator would like their character to be in. These would be placed within spoiler boxes to keep from taking up too much room. Things like gender-swapping and size changing should always be assumed as restrictions unless the creator doesn't assign a size or gender in the title or says it's okay in their preferences. Artists, authors, and RPers should respect any restrictions or preferences put in place by the creators, even if the creator has no involvement in whatever the character is being used in.
Examples of both:

  • No vore

  • No mouthplay

  • No scat/watersport

  • No diapers

  • And so on...


  • Giantess partner

  • Cat-and-mouse scenarios

  • Lots of footplay

  • And so on...

Tag Cloud
Finally, there should be a tag cloud that creators put at the bottom of their works to make the posts easily searchable. It will also help long or confusing descriptions from deterring anyone looking for a certain character. These should not be put in spoiler boxes, as they should only contain 1 to 25 terms that shouldn't be longer than 4 words each.
An example tag cloud would look like this:
Tag Cloud: Macro, female, nerdy, shy, quiet, sadistic, glasses, brunette, 500 ft tall, 21 years old
It's somewhat limited in the depth of descriptions, but it should give anyone searching a good idea on who the character is.

That's about it, I suppose. Maybe we could make this a standard of sorts, while things are still earlier and there aren't too many characters out there.
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